Health benefits

Thanks to salt, ayran includes lots of electrolytes, which help us avoid dehydration. When the body suffers from water deficiency our muscles cramp and we experience dizziness and blurred vision. Ayran helps refuel the body with the necessary nutrients and minerals. It is especially useful during summer when you spend a long time in the sun and heat.

It has also been noted that ayran includes beneficial bacteria that are critical in keeping the digestive system functioning properly. The good bacteria finds its way into traditional ayran via yoghurt which includes probiotics. It is known that probiotics help to keep the digestive system strong, regenerate the microflora in the intestine and support digestion and the immune system.

After a large meal of rich food the body is usually left with a large amount of fats and oils that are difficult to digest and can cause constipation and discomfort. The probiotics found in ayran can help with the process of digestion.